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TOP GRASS Beef meatballs Italien style 500g

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Why Top Grass?
At Top Grass Cattle Co., our focus is on providing a great eating experience of Grass Fed Beef that is healthy and safe.

No Grain
Eating grass/forages keeps our cattle’s digestive tract healthy. There have been several studies indicating that once grain is introduced into their system, it changes the health of their digestive track and ultimately changes the composition of the meat. This is one of the reasons, grain fed cattle require antibiotics in their diet.

Naturally Raised
Top Grass Cattle are raised without added hormones and antibiotics on pastures that are free of herbicides and pesticides. Not only do we believe this provides a better quality and tasting beef, we believe it is a healthier alternative to commodity beef.

Slowly Crafted
Because our cattle are not fed grain to fatten them up fast, they live to be almost 30-100 % longer than conventional grain fed animals. Our animals are processed at between 20 – 30 months of age as compared to 13- to 20 months for most other beef. This also allows that animal to mature and produce naturally marbled robust flavored beef.

Handled with Care
we have tools and education to help provide the best handling techniques and equipment to reduce the stress in our animals from birth to finish. There is a huge correlation between those animals that are calmly handled and tenderness.

We are certified and audited annually to ensure that our beef is free of added hormones, free of antibiotics, are raised in a free range environment and are Grass Fed.

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