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CARBONAUT Cinnamon raisin bread gluten free 550g


Low in carbohydrates, high in satisfaction! Now in a cinnamon-raisin version !

Rich in protein and beneficial fiber, this low-carb, now gluten-free cinnamon-raisin bread tastes like freshly baked bread.

We the bakers at Carbonaut are on a mission. To go where no Gluten Free bread has gone before. Still Keto. Now Gluten Free. And deliciously satisfying too. You're wondering how on earth this even possible. Taste it. You'll see.

Less can be so much more
Saying no to baked goods is probably the toughest part of low carb life. And most keto-friendly bread is about as appealing as a piece of spacecraft insulation. So we set out to make bakery-quality low carb products that satisfy your cravings for oven-baked goodness, while keeping your body on the right track. Carbonaut is expanding the low carb universe. Now it’s a place you can be happy to live in forever.

For your low net carb journey
All Carbonaut products contain a maximum of 3 grams of net carbs per serving. We keep it to 3 grams to help you stay in fat-burning mode on your low carb diet.

Clean, plant-based ingredients
With Carbonaut, you get zero artificial ingredients, fillers, preservatives, GMOs, or sugar. And since everything is plant-based, we’re totally vegan-friendly.

It has to be delicious
We’re a family of proud bakers. We believe bread should taste like bread. We’d never put our name on a sub-par substitute for bakery-quality goods. Our sky-high high standards are reflected in the taste, texture, and flavor of every Carbonaut product.

This product is kept frozen at our facility, and is shelf-stable for 10 days after it is thawed! On the day it is removed from the freezer and shipped, we will stamp it with this 10-day date, until which it can be kept in your pantry or in a fridge. If not consumed before this date / to extend the product's shelf life, please freeze it upon delivery!

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