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Almond Butter 310g

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Almond butter is very gentle on the stomach, it aids digestion and provides a satiety effect. It is an excellent source of protein. It is creamy, sweet with an aftertaste of Amaretto. You can eat it as a spread, with cheese and you can also make almond milk.


The almonds come from Spain, they are raw and organic.

Process of ground nuts on a stone wheel:

We soak them for 12 hours to activate the enzymes and make them more digestible. These are digestive enzymes. Then after having rinsed them well, we put them in the dehydrator at very low temperature for 24 hours. The low temperature does not kill enzymes and allows the product to keep for years without using a preservative. On the third day they are ground on grindstones, so there is no excessive speed that could heat the oil in the nuts, and no metal blade from the robot that promotes oxidation.

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