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ADN Theo-Bro Protein balls 80g


2 Key Nutrients

Coconut contains two interesting nutrients: medium chain triglycerides and lauric acid. Usually saturated fats are long-chain and more difficult to digest, so the body takes longer to break them down. However, the type of fat contained in coconut is mainly composed of these 2 nutrients, therefore easier to digest and less able to be stored as fat.


Coconut contains a high amount of dietary fiber, which makes it ideal not only to help prevent constipation, but also to appetite and quell hunger.


Liposone is made from the NzW protein from ATP-Lab.This unique blend combines the quality and goodness of whey protein. Its high biological value allows it to be completely absorbed into the body while facilitating the recovery of muscles and the system. The Ultra and Micro filtration processes used in the manufacture of this formula helps maintain the integrity of the active ingredients resulting in a high quality product.


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